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On March 1st, 2015, three of the four primary chassis pools that operate in Southern California merged into one (DCLP, GACP and LABP), commonly referred to as the “Pool of Pools”. These three pools contain over ninety percent of the existing Pacific Southwest chassis supply, which is approximately 80,000 units. The pools have participation from the three main chassis providers: DCLI, FLEXI-VAN and TRAC.


The pool will operate at eleven different ocean terminals and four rail ramps and container yards. Motor carriers and marine terminals will gain tremendous efficiencies by no longer having to match up containers to specific chassis.


All invoices for Maersk Line cargo chassis usage via these locations will be issued by DCLI, with the exception of Pier A in Long Beach. The terminal operator, SSA, has decided not to join the pool agreement and will keep their West Coast Chassis Pool (WCCP) operational while also allowing Pool of Pools chassis to be used from Pier A. As a result, the invoice will come from DCLI when the chassis is from the Pool of Pools fleet and from SSA when it comes from the WCCP.


For more information on DCLI and their charges to motor carries, please refer to their website:


For information on the West Coast Chassis Pool (WCCP) and respective rates, please go to the eModal web site at  Registering with eModal will provide access to the “Chassis Provider Registration” option where the WCCP documentation is found.  Motor carriers will need to follow the directions therein to have access to the WCCP chassis.  Any questions during the process should be sent to

We thank you for your business and look forward to continuously serving your global transportation requirements.

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